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Newform presents the new kitchen collection
and officially opens a new concept about color.

Newform’s research does not stop with the evolution of the world of interior design, but feeds on every trend and innovation in the sector to define new proposals and expand a range of products that captures the verve of change.

Born from Newform’s tendency to draw inspiration from the Japanese culinary arts in designing its kitchen collections, the new KONBU series brings new character to the kitchen environment.

The design changes look and opens itself up to a new furnishing interpretation, through an unprecedented approach to colour: the new SOFT COLORS finishes are now available, with a matt and silky texture and three different shades inspired by the main natural tones.

Essential volumes and protean lines fluctuate along the profile of the collection, highlighting a balance of proportions and an aesthetic that is as sober as it is intriguing. The detail that catches the eye is on the handle, where the lever continues its design, while remaining in relief and enhancing the refined essentiality of the collection.

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