The Lalu Sun Moon Lake

Taiwan | Hotel & SPA

The Lalu Sun Moon Lake



Republic of Singapore


Year: 2002

Project by: Kerry Hill Architects 

Collections: X-Trend



The Lalu is a timeless classic that remains a start of a legend

Located on Sun Moon Lake’s Lalu Peninsula, the historic Lalu Sun Moon Lake offers luxurious 5-star villas with panoramic views of the lake. Featuring Zen architecture, inspired by a Chinese poem, the elegant suites come with modern interiors and large bay windows.

The Lalu was designed by famous Australian architect Kerry Hill who named his architectural design for The Lalu as “Ongoing Style”, a unique style of moving forward.

Other than the unique architectural design of The Lalu, the hotel's lighting effects are very special. Lighting at The Lalu reminds us of a line from a famous poem: “Just as the shadows of flowers are carried away by the setting sun, the moon appears and harkens them back”.

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