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In the new chapter of the Newform story, telling our passion for Made in Italy has become a priority. The unmistakable design of our products is the result of an Italian savoir-faire that has been handed down from generation to generation for 40 years.

The creation of a unique product goes through several production phases that are carried out in-house to ensure the best quality for our customers. Dynamism, uniqueness, attention to detail and the environment are the aspects on which our company focused to become one of the main market protagonists.  

There is only one thing that will never change, our desire to create a reality in which innovation and tradition come together to create a product capable of responding to modern challenges and the evolution of living.

Today we would like to show you the distinctive elements of Newform's quality and experience, a journey through our headquarters in the province of Vercelli to discover the beating heart of our brand where we invent new forms for water every day.

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