Who we are

Who we are

Aesthetics and functionality, design and originality, together with attention to detail, represent the distinguishing features of Newform quality and research.
Founded in 1981, nowadays it is firmly guided by Tiziano and Alessandra Gessi, who continue in writing the history of this all-Italian success. 

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The company was set up with a great will to produce and with a winning project in all aspects.
More than 30 years have passed since then, covered with the great passion of those ones who love their profession and knows their products perfectly.
Newform has grown over the years to become one of the major protagonists in the kitchen and bathroom furnishing sector. From the very outset, the products arise from the ability to represent contemporary culture and to react promptly to the evolution of living.



Furthermore, consistency in pursuing the set aims and the continuous increase of economic results has long been a major position in the high-end taps and fittings sector. 

In a period where it seemed that there was nothing left to be invented and to be proposed in this sector, Newform has courageously dared to invest and introduce highly innovative design products.

Newform is a precious crystal and steel structure immersed in the landscape of Valsesia; production, logistics and offices are set in a harmonious balance between nature and modernity. 

Nowadays, more than ever, the company is proud of its proper production Made in Italy and is among the few ones that can realise independently all the stages of production, from design to the finished product.
Newform's distribution philosophy has favoured a selective diffusion both on Italian territory as well as on international level, through the sales formulas that best identify the consistently designed brand with the styling and image guidelines.
Being successful even abroad, it is present in many countries all over the world with a widespread distribution network that allows conveying the Italian-made product and to make it recognisable everywhere.



Contemporary design applied to the most special functional requirements: Newform products arise from this principle dedicated to the Contract, which represent the most current and cosmopolitan idea of the company in design interpretation, with the production capacity that allows Newform to customise the product as requested. 

Newform collections and products decorate the best international hotels with their beauty and peculiarity: an added value to the uniqueness of enchanting suites


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