Quality and Certifications

Quality and Certifications

Design inspired by the best “Made in Italy”, innovation and technology in harmony with environmental requirements, quality standards and international certifications are the reasons, which permitted Newform to be the protagonist on the world market.

The quality concept is destined to get significantly evolved towards customer's satisfaction and sustainable development involving staff by owning themes of environmental management and security. Nowadays, in order to be successful on the global market, the enterprise has to respond in an incisive way to the often opposed but equally plausible needs.

It has implemented an integrated management system since years, which pursues the aim of quality products while paying attention to the environmental, health and safety aspects of the workers in the workplaces.

Every year a third party carries out an inspection check at Newform premises in order to verify the compliance with the undertaken activities.

All the products, starting from the design phase, are analysed in all aspects, from productive ones to environmental impact and to the activities that each operator performs for the production of that particular item. 




The reputation Newform built over its 40 years of history is based also in the respect of ethical standards defined by laws, rules and codes of conduct in day-to-day business.

The company presents the new Code of Ethics, structured by type of stakeholder it states the general ethical principles (respect of human rights, openness, industrial property protection and independence of information) and the specific ones for interest bearers, from our clients to the providers, from the human resources to the investors, from the communities and institutions to the environment.  

The Code represents the measures that Newform plans to take under an ethic and conduct profile, in order to adapt its own structure to the requirements of the D.Lgs. 8 June 2001, n. 231 and to provide the internal and external policies to follow in the fulfilment of the corporate objectives.

The Code of Ethics specifies the complex of the principles and the behavioural guidelines that must be observed by the CEOs, the employees and the collaborators of Newform according to the respective functions and working activities.

The principles of the Code of Ethics constitute exemplifying specifications of the general requirements of diligence, decency and loyalty and they must qualify the compliance of the working performances and the behaviour in the working environment referable to Newform Spa.

The regulations of the Code of Ethics are qualified as integral part of the contractual obligations assumed by the addressees, whose violation represents a non-fulfilment of the contractual obligations with all legal consequence also according to the dissolution of the contract or of the appointment and the potential damage compensation.








U.S.A. / Canada
NSF 61/9 [G], ASME A112.18.1 / 
CSA B125.1 approval
       Certifications available on specific products. Check with the company.
EPA WaterSense approval

AS/NZS 3718, AS/NZS 4020, 
AS/ NZS 3662 Watermark
Water Efficiency Labelling and 
Standards scheme [Wels]

Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire 
VA Approval
Sintef Approval
WSD (Hong Kong Water Supply Dpt)

Singaporean Approval 
Taps tested by an accredited laboratory
in compliance with local standards
WELS Certification as required by the 
Singapore National Water Agency

WRAS Approval



SSIGA Approval         





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