Showroom Milano


Via Fiori Oscuri, 3
20121 Milano - Italy
Tel.: +39/ 0163452011 



The Newform Showroom, in the heart of Brera, borns with the aim to provide a new context to discuss about design and the future, a meeting place for clients, architects and professionals.


On the ground floor the collections are presented according to the own style of each different line of taps. An experience room recreates a sensational Spa thanks to chromotherapy and Wellness systems, wood paneling and water flowing from the Falls: a room that lets the guests feel pure relaxation. In the loft there is an area specifically conceived for business meeting and for contract and interior design projects. 


An interior design concept specifically conceived to involve guests and attract curious visitors. The exhibition space is equipped with digital technologies, multimedia walls that convey emotional and product videos. The result is a showroom-boutique concept, focused on the particular attention to details: velvet upholstery, showcases, mirrors and lounge corners.

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