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Two visions converging towards the same commitment:
being sustainable, for the company and for the Territory.

In the the last issue of Commercio Idrotermosanitario, the dual inteview with Alessandra Gessi, CEO of Newform, and Morris Sinito, Head of Production Department, focuses on a clear matter for the company: innovating to be sustainable, from the productive process to the decisions taken by Newform in terms of workforce and impact on the surrounding environment. 

The concept of Sustainability is at the core of the company's modus operandi, but it also represents a responsibility: Alessandra Gessi explains how Newform "renews its own commitment to preserve and enhance our territory in all forms, by creating a strong network of local resources to rely on". 

Several goals have already been achieved thanks to the work carried on by the Newform team: the development of the Save Water system, the partial use of low-lead brass and the installation of new compressors for the manufacturing departments are just a few examples.

Newform is planning to take it a step further: the Production Director expects the company is going to officially start the great projection of energy efficiency for the whole factory. 


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