Newform LAB

The Newform Laboratory

Newform LAB is a creative lab, an aesthetical philosophy, and a cultural experience which is manifast from the drive for research and a comprehensive study of innovative shapes Newform Lab gives birth to beauty  through the commingling of innovative trends which originate from various artistic fields.
The project promotes unique experiences aimed to define a path where intelligence meets sensibility, talent and application, thanks to the valuable contribution of exceptional protagonists of the most avanteguard communities of thought and design leaders.
Newform LAB is the indissoluble fusion of beauty and functional, the absolute interpretation of the Newform spirit in its purest form.




Nowadays, significant market competition together with rapid evolution impose more and more thoroughness in developing new processes, intended as real product-service systems, able to

respond to a demand made by a society characterized by large and sudden changes. Newform is launching the contest “New Vision – NewForm” in synergy with Brand and Licensing Strategies Course at Politecnico/Milan to explore new methods and products.

Brand and Licensing Strategies Course at Politecnico/Milan is attended by students coming from all over the world, afferent to a set of integrated disciplines:
Communication Design; Interior Design; Design & Engine, Design for Fashion system; Design for product innovation; Product System Design.

By the contest “New Vision – NewForm”, Newform focuses on innovation of both product and service, so as to ensure the uniqueness of its offer through comparison, interdisciplinary, transfer of ideas both inside and outside the company: in a product or in a process, a small but crucial innovation may prove successful.

The process Step by Step designed for the contest “NewVision-NewForm”  focuses on a sort of lateral creativeness compared to the product and service, in order to explore also the areas around the core-business, by applying the transversal concept of innovation, through the implementation of five significant and related strategies:
Ability to interpret desires
Ability to find solutions
Ability to generate originality
Ability to produce, in a short time, a large number of ideas
Ability to propose products which want to be different

Future Cities Future Cities

Future Cities

Most of the Licensing course, which is now at its 2nd edition, was held at Newform Showroom in Via Fiori Oscuri 3 – Milan, directed by Prof. Marco Turinetto with the co-direction of Daniele Cordero di Montezemolo.
During Brera District Design in conjunction with Salone del Mobile 2013, Newform will welcome in its Brera showroom the most-prestigious projects designed by young people participating in the competition.
The exhibition, entitled “Future cities: new concepts for Wellness”, represents a real voyage to discover  emerging cities, from East to West: Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Abu Dhabi, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile.
The goal is to show how the Italian excellence can meet new lymph  to develop  valuable concepts about Wellness.


Target: a low environmental impact Target: a low environmental impact

Target: a low environmental impact

One of the first activities of Newform LAB was to stimulate the creation of a product with a low environmental impact.
Despite the features of a product in line with the typical Newform high-quality levels , the LAB worked to obtain a more sustainable solution both as regards materials, consumptions and substances used during the production cycle, and as per the product features in its life on the Market.
The result is LINFA. An elegant collection, with a minimal design associated which manufacturing features which enhance its ecological  portrait.
Newform LAB wanted the product to limit  environmentally harmful emissions as well as to contain the operating costs. The goal has been reached thanks to some solutions, among which the innovative cartridge positioning – fully cold water (instead of mixed one) while opening the handle to avoid heater ignition, reducing in this way both CO2 emissions in atmosphere and energy consumption.
The LAB took also into consideration the water consumption, of course. Normally, a basin mixer has got a flow of 10 lt./min.  A simple flow reducer allows to limit the flow to 5 lt/min, granting as well a full-bodied jet, rich of air.
However, Newform LAB paid also particular attention to the production processes, to grant the product ecological feature right from the beginning.
The PWP treatment (Pure Water Process) which is carried out on metal, prevents the release in the potable water of toxic metals such as Lead (toxic by ingestion) and Nickel (apart from being toxic, it is responsible for many contact allergies).
Finally, the LAB decided that LINFA collection has to be submitted to an internal anti-bacterial  treatment to prevent bacteria from growing in the backwater inside the tap.
Of course we could not forget the package, which is made of recycled cardboard and non-toxic and recyclable materials.

The headquarters of Newform LAB The headquarters of Newform LAB

The headquarters of Newform LAB

NEWFORM LAB, the creative Lab of Newform, has identified in Milan its place of research.
The Lab develops and produces its projects in the prestigious location at Via Fiori Oscuri 3, whose premises are already seat of Newform showroom.
Milan becomes for the LAB an observatory on the world, able to capture trends and transmitthe vanguard, in the aim of diffusing beauty and enhancing whatis functional, as is typical of the Newform spirit.

Newater Newater


From Newform LAB research comes Newater, the new brand extension of Newform.
A line of products appositely designed for the person, the result of an attentive analysis of wellness and care research.

Newater wish to offer its customers a new dimensional experience, to deeply appreciate the bathroom ambience.
The wide variety of Newater includes different kind of products, ranging from shampoo to bath foam, from scrub to bath salts, till towels and bath robes, all made with first-quality materials and with the typical Newform care for details.

Particularly, Newater i intended to Contract Area, making Newform offer more and more complete.

Newform Design Award Newform Design Award

Newform Design Award

On the occasion of the Cersaie 2011 exhibition, Newform premiers the prototype of Natura taps in teh Lab area of its stand. This is a product developed by the style office of Newform on the basis of the model that won the Newform Design Award 2011 contest.
The objective of contest, in which young designers have participated, was to design a new line of taps by interpreting the aesthetic qualities of tap with originality, which is fashionable and in line with future trends, without neglecting its intended use.
Lightness, simplicity and poetry are all adjectives that describe at best the tap designed by Cyril Diesis, a young newly-graduated of the Brera Arts Academy of Milan. Natura is a tap with pure and elegant lines. Aesthetically refined and linear, Natura can be adapted to all home spaces, whether kitchen or bathroom.
The novelty consists in juxtaposing a statuesque element, almost organic, that interacts with the tap. Both are fixed to the same support so that the added element serves as a complement, to form a unitarybody. In this way, the sometimes neglected function of accessories is rediscovered.
Natura brings a touch of colour in the kitchen, because the statuesque element can become a vase for a plant or flowers. While in the bathroom, it can be used as a container for the toothbrush or as a glass: a definitely versatile tap!

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