Newform & Politecnico of Milano - Brand Extension: Design & Strategy

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Newform is delighted to have hosted also this year the master Brand Extension: Design & Strategy in the Milan showroom. A partnership with the Politecnico of Milano that confirms to be a historical professional relation and that sees our company actively involved in the formative growing path of the participating students.

Considered the strong orientation of the master degree to the practical management of the business life, the lecturing is expressly entrusted to managers, consultants and experts in the luxury industry who have a qualified teaching methodology. Actually, the goal is to understand before the value of design and the strategy of brand growth and enhancement to then turning them into business and apply them in practice. 

A formula that Newform supports especially for the strong operational slant: constant company testimonials, project-works and laboratories in collaborations with well-know businesses are the fundamental activities by which the students are supposed to acquire the cognitive tools necessary to their professional future.

Among the companies leader in the Italian and international market, who have been called to present their business dynamics in terms of strategic and creative processes of the brand there are Unipol, Esselunga, TechnoGym, Rubelli, Culti e Sergio Rossi.

Linda Barbolan, Marketing Manager of Newform, during the meetings with the students of the master's degree in the Milan showroom.

We provide as much material and human resources as possible to contribute to the quality and success of the master degree in question. As active part of the course, Newform participates every year through meetings about the strategies of brand promotion, communication and product enhancement, accurately presented by the Marketing Manager Linda Barbolan.

The future has to be built: a right of the new generations, a duty for who from the past created a firm present.

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