Alessandra Gessi on the cover: "A coherent and sustainable development"

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On the front line to represent her company, Alessandra Gessi is back on the cover of the new issue of the Italian magazine Commercio Idrotermosanitario to speak about the ongoing evolution of Newform in terms of development and sustainability.

A topic that the CEO has already voluntarily treated  in occasion of the project #WEARENEWFORM and on which she focuses again, due the awareness of how these measures are fundamental and essential by now for a healthy coexistence between Industry and Environment.

A year later the last interview on Commercio Idrotermosanitario, the interview turns out to be the right moment to confirm the achievement of the first goals of an important renovation and development project: “The Italian market reacted well to this new approach that we are improving to extend on the international markets, where the Made in Italy is an important business card”.

The gaze of Newform do not stop to national borders, the objective is consolidating the company worldwide approach for a widespread diffusion of the brand. It is exactly in this view that Linda Barbolan, Marketing Manager of Newform, insists on the importance to maintain alive and constant the dialogue with the main stakeholders.

The future? The way is undoubtedly that of the total look, with wide rage that can satisfy as much as possible the exigences of the clientele. But there are also other new projects coming soon. Stay tuned. 

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