NEWFORM: this is why it is a reality in continuous evolution

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Newform and water, a relationship that has been ongoing for 40 years! An important achievement for Newform that produces design and quality recognised by the market and more and more requested for its character and style. A brand that invests into innovation and materials research and technology.

Living Corriere and Area describe the reality of Newform and its products in two must-read interviews.

Living Corriere says "Piedmontese tapware Company creates Made in Italy projects with a strong identity: pure, solid and long-lasting. " and "The sculptural modernity of taps, mixers, shower heads for the bathroom, kitchen and wellness is enriched by exclusive and patented finishes."

Area, a magazine dedicated to professionals and architects, chooses the X-Steel collection with an emphasis on the choice of product material: "Made of stainless steel, the series is available in different models including mixers for washbasins, baths and showers, and in many wellness systems to create a well-kept and harmonious environment".

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