Restarting to evolve: the 2022 of Newform

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The evolution is always a necessary step to face the competitiveness of the sector and to distinguish yourselves in a ever-growing market. For Newform, restarting and planning changes is a synonym of a desire to evolve in connection with the study and the evaluation of clear business strategies.

The instability and the uncertainty dictated by the pandemic still ongoing have been the causes of slowdowns and limitations, but concurrently the mandatory pauses turned into an occasion to reflect about the future of the company and to baste the business renovation project.

Alessandra Gessi, CEO of Newform, retraces the year recently ended and she gives some advances about the 2022 of Newform during an interview for the Italian magazine Commercio Idrotermosanitario. The main topics are the those of the pandemic, the restart and the evolution: “None of us could have predicted two years as those we are leaving behind, but we all get up with new ideas and desire to go ahead”. 

The last issue of Ambiente Cucina focuses as well on the topic of the evolution, in this case regarding the concept of kitchen, a theme that is increasingly considered nowadays. 

The increase of the time spent at home due to the pandemic has brought to a fast change of this environment, giving it a greater value and importance from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

The perception of the kitchen environment changes: the space before dedicated to the food preparation, now has expanded its borders also to other domains and environments as, for instance, that of work from home.

Newform, conscious of this evolution, takes part to the topic presenting in this issue of Ambiente Cucina the Ycon series. A single-lever sink mixer whose design has been studied to overcome the absolute minimalism and to give space to soft lines, in harmony with the new trends. It is the constant meeting between shape and function underlying the Newform bath and kitchen collections that led Ambiente Cucina to define the Ycon model as the curve of the practicality.

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